Monday, 1 July 2013

Gamlingay ringers 2013 outing to Surrey

Thirteen ringers visited some of the towers in Surrey where John & Cass used to ring 40 years ago. Peter Ostley opened up for us at St Andrew, Cobham, with a beautifully behaved 9cwt ground floor ring of 8.

Cobham tower

Our next stop was St Giles, Ashtead, set in a lovely rural plot at the end of a short entrance drive. Sarah Huck met us here. The pretty ringing room with padded bench is up a few steps and the wrought iron balcony overlooks the nave of the church. A nice set of polished handbells hangs in a glass case. The 12cwt ring of 8 were appreciated by all.

Lunch at Cheam was next on the agenda. There was a reasonably priced pay & display car park next to the church and within easy walking distance of local hostelries.

Ye Olde Red Lion in Cheam Village met our requirements without any booking. As it was a sunny day we sat at the benches in the garden and enjoyed an excellent very reasonably priced meal.

After lunch it was only a short walk to St Dunstan, Cheam to ring on the 9cwt ring of 6, where Peter ? was waiting to let us in. A few surprises here as Iain was looking after this tower!

We had our group photo taken here but unfortunatelt Sally had to leave before this was taken to get dolled up for a dinner party in the evening.

The 2013 outing members (less Sally)

Next off to St Martin of Tours, Epsom, for the highlight of the day. We had half an hour to kill before we could ring due to a choir practice so we went into the town for a welcome cup of tea, and because someone told the owner that it was Iain's birthday we were given complimentary pancakes! We promised to ring the church bells for her in 10 minutes.
Ros Hallett let us into the tower with a lovely 16cwt ring of 10. Adam led up all 10 for a very nice raise from a band, for some of whom it was their first experience on 10 bells. Call changes, plain hunt on 9 and grandsire caters all went well on these well behaved and easy to ring bells, (sorry Sally you missed a treat).

St Martin of Tours, Epsom

Judging by the comments afterwards everyone had an enjoyable day. Any volunteers for next year?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gamlingay wedding ringing update 2013

Date              Wedding Start Time     Names
15 June              1:00pm             Spavins & Day
 6 July                12:30pm           Walker & Newman
 3 August           1:00pm             Leak & Follenfant
14 Sept              2:00pm             Hawkes & Orchiston


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Congratulations to Becky Loudon

Congratulations to Becky who rang two quarter peals of Plain Bob Doubles on 1st April 2013.
She rand one on the tenor at Bassingbourn and one on the 3rd at Litlington.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Graphite powder as a slider lubricant

I took these measurements before and after adding graphite powder to the treble slider.

Tenor clapper repair

I spotted the tenor clapper pin working its way out last week (shown above) so it was clapper out of the bell for investigation.
The pin is held in place by a 5mm diameter roll pin. But in this case the roll pin had fractured allowing the gudgeon pin to work out. Luckily I spotted it in time or it could have caused a lot of damage.
After removing the broken roll pin bits a new pin was fitted and the clapper replaced in time for practice night.
I will check them more often now.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ely D.A. Tower Maintenance Workshop

On the bell frame at Stretham.
Tom Ridgman points out to the workshop participants the things to look for.

Workshop members inspecting the bells at Haddenham.